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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Day In The Life

Sometimes when we move along through time something happens that makes a difference. Did you ever notice that?
Today I received a call from my cousin Jeannie. Now for those of you who don't know, Jeannie and I spent some quality time together back in the 60's. Since then we haven't had much contact or time together. Actually, maybe twice, but I'm not so sure. Things just happen and we both spent time doing whatever we did?
Jeannie decided on a Lark to call me and we had a pretty terrific time on the phone for several minutes. It may not have been long enough but we but promised each other that we would do better about staying in touch. Right Jeannie?
It is good to talk with and get together with all family. The Internet makes it easy.
I hope to find those people in my family who have slipped away and strike up some kind of conversations or communications. I am sure there are many lives I am connected with that exist and I feel that the connections would be beneficial to us all.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rosy's Birthday Party

Here are some of the pictures from Rosy's Birthday Party. We had a few people over and we had fun! We even had Natalie, Rosy's daughter. It was nice.

Nancy Rosy, Paul, Rosy, Me
The dancing didn't always wait for music or for all the dancers.

We had some wine, then had some more wine followed by some additional wine. All was for effect and just to look cool. That's just the way we are!!!!

Rosy's Cake was good. I ate 49 pieces!
Have a birthday party at your house and I might just show up. One can never tell about me and where I will show up.

1968 All over again

Christmas is always my favorite time of year. I love Santa Clause.

The Ned Man, The Ned-ster, Big Ned, Ned-olo, que paso El Ned-o. You look magnifico!
Is this a man at work or a man at play? I don't know but I bet I can figure it out!

Joan, this is the house in Sherman Oaks and as you can see we were "with it" as far as Christmas Trees go. What the perfect use for aluminum. Way Cool. I remember it well, actually I wished I had that tree today.
Jennifer you were just a twinkle in my eye at this point in time. Teri was our special daughter who became My Favorite Oldest Daughter and you became My Favorite Youngest Daughter around 1972. But of course you know that!
I remember the dress. Whoa! How special. I will be looking thru the slides and as time permits will copy and print some that might suprise and amaze you. Especially YOU!
Cindy some to come and you too Joan.
Spring is just around the corner. Easter too will be on us in a few weeks. Go to church! Eat an egg. Drive fast and take a lot of chances. I'll be thinking of you.