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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

So we have only one week left for the Halloween Party. The problem is Costumes
We can't seem to figure out what to wear.

Here are some of the costumes we used last year and also some of the people attending the party wore very interesting costumes.
I usually wear a shirt and pants and rely on Rosy to get the attention.

Perhaps a "whatever this is"?

Or maybe whoever these people are?

Maybe this guy has the answer
Hats might Work?
No Hats won't work!
Witch one will I pick
A spiffy suit with my best girl by my side?
I don't have a Devil of a chance to figure this out.
I need a guardian Angel to help me.
So if you have a suggestion please post it here so we can get it together before next Saturday Night.
Thank You For Your Prompt Attention To This Matter!!!


Romanonohr said...

Bonnie and Clide! Or Jackle & Hyde!!! OR Fairy tale characters!