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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Samantha's Prom

So,................. Samantha went to the Senior Prom last night.

The entire day saturday was an experience as Rosy and her sister Natalie made the attempt to do Hair, Make-up, Shoes, Bag and Dress come-together in such a way the Samantha would be happy and satisfied.

I received a call from Rosy early in the day that they had taken over the house with the project. By the way Samantha is one of those "young ladies" who claims to know what is best for her and the rest of us as well.

Somehow toward the time necessary for Samantha to leave things got to where Samantha could go into her own bathroom and make herself look the way she wanted to look.

Actually Natalie did an excellent job with the hair and when I got home she (Natalie) seemed to be OK, a little stressed maybe, but she was doing just fine.

These pictures are some we took just before Samantha put a coat on top of her head and ran to the car. Why the coat? It was raining slightly.

Perhaps the "kids" took pictures at the "Prom". perhaps not. It would be interesting to see the before and after pictures. I probably will never see the comparison.

By the way it's 2:30PM Sunday and we haven't heard from Samantha. maybe she's "runned-off" with her boy-friend. Not!!!!!!!! Can you see Natalie's New Shoes? and New Shirt? and Spiffy New Pants?