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Monday, January 4, 2010

Elisa Returns to Mexico

Elisa, Rosy's Sister spent two weeks with us. She celebrated Christmas then her Birthday 26th and then New Year's Eve with us at a party. I have a few pictures at the party I will add later and a few from the airport when she left.

They headed for the baggage check
Later Rosy will put this in Spanish so Elisa and the folks in Mexico can read it as well as those of us who speak, read and write primarily in English. Me for one!
Rosy Gave Instructions to Elisa About How to pack and secure her bags.

Elisa Gave Instructions to Rosy About How to pack and secure her bags.
They are both so proud the got things into the bags perfectly.

Not to the baggage check in
Rosy is giving instructions to the Baggage Guy about how he is suppose to do his job.
Lobby Work
Ok now let's figure this out?
Rosy and Elisa going thru each others purse to be sure everything is ready.

Another final check
Elisa finally gets through the security check point and heads to the gate.
I know this is probably not one of the more exciting Blog Posts I've done but since I had these videos I thought it might be nice to post them. What the heck else does one do with these short little video clips besides post them to a blog???