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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The First Baby Shower

So maybe it isn't the very first baby shower ever, but the first for our little family, We were anxious to have a baby shower so Natalie agreed that she would be the one to get pregnant and we could do the baby shower for her. She is such a giving young lady. Always trying to please. Yep always trying to keep everyone happy and do whatever she can to help. What a gal!

Don't forget you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge it for a better look at the "Big Picture". There are a lot of pictures.

Table is about ready and as you can see I have been busy getting things ready, whew am I tired!

This is a "Diaper" cake I made. It looks very cute and very nice but it seemed very dry when eating it.

The "Party ladies" are fueling up for a long night of fun.

Dinner and talking to start. Natalie has been away in New Mexico for some time and there must have been much information to share.

The games begin!

These must have been really hard games?

So here is just about everyone and they are from the left,Saralin, Holly, Jenne, Molly, Michelle, Natalie, Rosy, Britney, Amanda, Missy and Monika. Do you know which is my favorite? Maybe sometime I'll tell you.

Cake Cutting, You can see that can't you? See the knife going into the blue and white rectangle item on he table?

Natalie is learning how to dress the baby. It is a family custom that we never actually look at the baby unless the baby has cloths on. Or perhaps it is a contest and fun game for Natalie.

She did it!

Everyone was cheering her on and giving her advice.

Some gift opening. Barbara is supervising the gifts to be sure they are appropriate.

More fun Games, you figure these next few pictures out?

Oh Yea! This works......

Winding the party down means we get to sit on the floor.

Some are more excited about sitting on the floor than others. (Oh, This one is my favorite)

So cute.................................

That's about it. When the baby comes we'll post the birthing process and the perhaps include a video for every one's entertainment and surely there will be many photos.
Oh and by the way, I was only kidding about making everything. The fact is I didn't do "nothin".