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Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Trip

Well I guess you should know about our trip. Actually two trips but the first is the one you're probably most enthused about.

Actual Picture From The Mall

Rosy and I went to the Mall. Then to a movie.

Another Genuine Picture From The Mall

Standing at the Mall

That's right an exciting time walking around the mall waiting and watching and waiting some more.

A Rosy at the Mall Picture for your enjoyment

Looking and checking out and evaluating and comparing. Seeing and noticing and touching and feeling. Sniffing and experiencing all the mall has to offer.

PF Chang's at the Mall Bar View

Rosy Having some Tea at PF Changs
It makes for a exciting afternoon and if you do like we did, you can finish it off with a movie. Actually two movies. We watch one movie and then we "sneak" into another movie. We don't worry because I am old and look old and the Movie Show Police are watching the "Kids" to be sure they don't sneak into a second or even third (which we have done) movie. Who would suspect us?????

Even with the senior citizen discount movies are not inexpensive.

Then you add the cost of a large popcorn, a hot dog, two large diet soda's, two kinds of candy and of course the obligatory bon bons the movie can hit about $500.00 for the two of us. Perhaps less I really didn't add it up I just estimated. Hot dog $7.95, Popcorn $11.00 etc etc etc!

I can't remember what movie we saw. It isn't important as we just watch the movie to "Escape" the hustle bustle world.
The other trip was to Puerta Vallarta Mexico. I wouldn't think you would have as much interest about that so I won't go into that trip right now. After going through the pictures and removing some lines and added weight and making the teeth "more" white and maybe doing a little photo shop work I will post a few for you to see.
PS Jana The Baby is very Cool.