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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sam's Gone!

So last Wednesday Sam left for a year to study in Spain. It probably will be a great trip for her and hopefully she will actually learn some new things.
I'm pretty sure she was ready for Spain but who really knows if Spain is ready for Samantha. Time will tell.

Her we are at the Airport Coffee House, That's me in the white sweatshirt. Mr Personality as I have affectionately come to be know by Sam and the rest of the family. You can see the excitement in my face, Can't you?

Sam's dad was in charge and did an admirable job of coordinating things and all went well except I didn't get anything to drink, no water, soda, coffee or beer, nope not a thing. But don't worry about me I will just get a drink from the public drinking fountain, yep that will do it!

The Guys and Samantha just hanging out waiting for the plane.

Sam and all the guys, see me the one setting the example of someone loaded with a fun time just waiting to start.

Mom and the kids.

Time to go and just one last hug for mom.
Me....I didn't get no hug but Hey don't worry about me I'll just find some homeless person give them two bucks and get a hug from them, yep that will do it.
We will miss Sam and probably be a little lonely for the next year. Natalie is in New Mexico and Sam is in Spain. SO there is only us "Dudes" for a while. Rosy doesn't count because she is out-numbered. (Put your money on Rosy!)

Good Bye you little Sambo!