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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just Some Old Photos

These are some pictures of several people. Some you may know some you may not know and some you might even be. If you are someone here perhaps you can help others by explaining the Who When Where.
I won't be doing any subtitles. You can look and remember. There are several good memories here.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
By The Way, Extra Credit If You Can Name Everyone.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some Cole & Thanksgiving Pictures

Cole Was pondering the Thanksgiving feast and what was going to be the first several items he would consume!
Hmmmmm what will be the next bit of food, Pecan Pie? Pumpkin Pie? Turkey Breast? Mashed Potatoes, Yes Mashed Potatoes My Grandfather made those and that's what I gonna have!
No Wait.....How about the Pie I should start with the Pie, Whipped Cream, Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Give me some pie
Hey Pie where is my Pie?
This is just great conversation and I get no pie!
Turkey parts Left on the bone.
Natalie and Teri had Pie what about poor little Cole?
Hey Someone I am still back here waiting for Pie.
I'm starting to get a little cranky because I have no Pie.
Ok Now you are really gonna get it! I am going to leave and go to Marie Callanders for some pie.
I need someone to push me up the stairs please.
This is not Pie........

Saturday, November 27, 2010

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2nd of the Thanksgiving Posts

This is page two actually but it appears before page one. I am frustrated with this little problem with the computer and the Blog.

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A 2010 Thanksgiving at the WhiteHouse

 Well I am having some problem trying to Post on the BlogI had to import the pictures from Picassa and the darn thing won't let me do many pictures into the same page. Also when I attempt to "Publish Post" I get a Javascript:void (0) message and it doesn't do anything. I am saving the draft then using another computer to post the thing. Itr will be in three seperate posts the last being a few pictures of Cole which I liked.I hope to figure this out. This is a new Windows 7 Computer and I am convinced it is some software glitch but who knows for sure.

Thats it of now.
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