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Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday at the Grill

Sunday we opened the Patio for Wine, Margaritas, Beer, Water Soda Pop and Food. The Sunday market was nearly in full swing and although the band didn't show (who knows why) we cranked up the music from the patio speakers and things went well, everyone seemed to be having a pretty good time. Several were dancing to the music and singing with the 50's and 60's songs.

Stephanie and Terri worked the wine and Beer tent.

Later in the day some of the folks held out and enjoyed the heat. Rosy, Nancy, Paul, Jeff and Lindsey are here. You have to figure who is who and which is which. It's a test, It's a contest.

Terri and Warren

Sara stopped by and said hello
Another happy customer
Drink makers!

A few more folks enjoying a nice day.
I forgot to take my camera but I did use my phone for these pictures.
All in all it was a nice day.
Next week I hope to get better pictures and I'll take some of the Farmer's Market people walking around in what seems like a stupor. Hey... It is just an observation.....