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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have been a little negligent about updating my blog. I have been sleeping a lot and with the extra drinking sobering up has been tough. Once I actually remember getting to the kitchen for a sandwich but I don't actually remember if I ate one or not???

Ok, Ok so that is not the truth. I have been busy though and lots going on.

Yesterday was Valentines day and although I worked a lot (it is our busiest day of the year) I did get to sit down with Rosy for dinner. We were joined by Paul and Rosy and their kids. It was a very nice evening.

We Arrive Home!

Rosy received a bunch of Heart Cards, and a purse and she wore a special outfit for me. I took some pictures when we got home and I am sharring them with you. She will probably be surprised that I put them on the blog but Hey what the heck.

Rosy Checking for holes in her nylons

I bought the top and the boots for her and although you can't see them she is wearing her special Valentine panties which I also got for her. Enough personal stuff though.

We enjoyed our dinner, a bottle of really nice wine and a lot of chocolate candy. A LOT OF CHOCOLATE CANDY!

Today Sunday we had a Latte and a chocolate croissant at a little french bakery down at the waterfront at Lake Oswego.

I am home supposed to be working but just haven't been able to get started. Sometime later I'll get busy,

Autumn agreed to be my Valentine so I was very happy.