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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Motorcycle Gang you better not cross!

If you read the previous post you know that I was on a business trip for a few days and just returned Saturday. If you didn't read it you can skip the part about the business trip and just read about the Wood Peckers.

While on the business trip I ran into a Wild Motorcycle Gang of Bears. I was able to avoid problems and I did take some pictures to share with you so you can watch out for them too. Be sure to click on the pictures and then click again to really enlarge them as there is lots of interestings things on these Motorcycle Wild Bunch Bear Bikers and their Bikes.

I found this spot to sit and do some work. I'm not saying the Comfort Inn wasn't nice but this was better.

I was told that a Salmon was caught in this stream not far from here. Pretty isn't it?

Here they are. You must watch out. There are a lot of them.

They came in all sizes and shapes and many different costumes.
Fortunately for me there was a Policeman to keep things under control.

I saw that they had their own "witch Doctor" I think?

handsome guy don't you think?

They were pretty big guys and had fancy Bikes.

Another couple of Biker Dudes!

Although this guy doesn't look like he fits in he had a fish and probably is the gangs cook.

I suppose the Pig is their mascot.

This one really can go fast. I had my phone camera on High Speed Action Shot.

They at least seem to be "Green" Biker Dudes.

Actually I would like to go for a ride in this side car.

I think this might just be the "Leader of the Pack".

I think I have seen this one before???

It will come to me. If I look at him long enough I will remember his name. Perhaps you might just know who he is? Let me know if you do.

Lastest UpDate For Red Headed Wood Peckers

I was on a trip for a few days. Before I left I watched the baby Wood Pecker creep further and further out of the hole in the tree. His home actually. He didn't seem to be in any danger but he did spend a lot of time looking in all directions. What a wonderful thing it must have been taking in the sounds and sights for the first time. I don't know what wood peckers think about and I don't know what his impressions were of the small piece of the world around his Dead Tree Home.
I arrived back to our home late Saturday night. I have watched the tree most of the day and there is no activity. I suppose he is off testing his wings and checking out the new world he is now a part of.
I wonder where he will end up? If you hear the rat-a-tat sound of a woodpecker somewhere near your home and you can see it chipping away look carefully to see if it the Little Red Headed Baby Woodpecker from behind our home. Let me know.
I have missed seeing the activity around the tree. I will miss watching the Mom and Dad as they kept the baby nourished and safe. I am sad that I didn't see him take his first flight!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally a baby Appears

The Baby poked his little head out on Monday. I may have missed him/her if there was an earlier viewing but I saw for the first time the Purple Headed Baby. It's plumage is purple and will eventually turn red like his parents. He seemed big to me when I first saw his head in the hole but when I have seen him next to the parent he is noticeably smaller. He is cute. I will try and get better pictures and up load then for you to see.
I will too use the Video and tripod to get better video. I only had a minute and got these with what ever telescope options these little camera's have.

Isn't he cute?

One of the parents but the baby is inside waiting for "Chow", mmmmmmm!

Wood Pecker Chow!

Hungry Little Guy!

Mucho Mas Por Favor!

OK I am off to find more .

Adios "Chicquita Pecker"

Back out for the view!

And one more to see.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Natalie Has A Birthday

It is The Birthday Celebration for Natalie
See her cake, That Proves It!

Natalie has the capability of inhaling much air, Hot Air and then expelling it in such a way as to extinguish burning candles. She does this with a minimum of "spittle" attaching it's self to the cake and surrounding table, chairs and people.

Later Mom joined her for a photo op!
Grandma also go into the act

Dad and Grandma were mugging for the camera
A family picture which you can download and print copies to keep in your wallet.
Natalie may be just a little "Too Cool"!
Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Non Sailing Adventure

Saturday was a very nice day. After what has seemed like 40 days of rain we had some sunshine and warm weather. Rosy and Beretha came to the boat with me and hung out eating candy, hard boiled eggs and drinking diet pepsi. Exciting stuff wouldn't you say!
El sabado fue un bonito dia. Despues de 40 dias de lluvia tenemos sol y clima caliente. Rosy y Bertha vinieron al barco conmigo y comieron dulces, huevos duros y pepsi. Cuanta diversion no crees.

It was nice for them to come and spend some time with me.
I know the pictures aren't great because I used my cell phone to take them but at least you can see how the day looked.

Fue bonito para ellas venir y pasar un rato conmigo.
Las fotos no son muy buenas pues las tome con el celular, pero al menos pueden ver como se veia.

I cleaned the boat and am preparing to take it out for a mini Cruise perhaps next week weather depending.

By the way There are baby Woodpeckers and I will try to get pictures of the babies and post them here soon.

Limpie el barco para sacarlo a un mini crucero la proxima semana dependiendo del clima.

Hay pajaritos bebes carpinteros y tratare de tomas fotos de los bebes para ponerlos mi blog.