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Monday, June 7, 2010

Non Sailing Adventure

Saturday was a very nice day. After what has seemed like 40 days of rain we had some sunshine and warm weather. Rosy and Beretha came to the boat with me and hung out eating candy, hard boiled eggs and drinking diet pepsi. Exciting stuff wouldn't you say!
El sabado fue un bonito dia. Despues de 40 dias de lluvia tenemos sol y clima caliente. Rosy y Bertha vinieron al barco conmigo y comieron dulces, huevos duros y pepsi. Cuanta diversion no crees.

It was nice for them to come and spend some time with me.
I know the pictures aren't great because I used my cell phone to take them but at least you can see how the day looked.

Fue bonito para ellas venir y pasar un rato conmigo.
Las fotos no son muy buenas pues las tome con el celular, pero al menos pueden ver como se veia.

I cleaned the boat and am preparing to take it out for a mini Cruise perhaps next week weather depending.

By the way There are baby Woodpeckers and I will try to get pictures of the babies and post them here soon.

Limpie el barco para sacarlo a un mini crucero la proxima semana dependiendo del clima.

Hay pajaritos bebes carpinteros y tratare de tomas fotos de los bebes para ponerlos mi blog.


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

That lOoks like much more fun than working in the yard or prepping the house! Can't wait to see pictures of the new additions in your tree.