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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally a baby Appears

The Baby poked his little head out on Monday. I may have missed him/her if there was an earlier viewing but I saw for the first time the Purple Headed Baby. It's plumage is purple and will eventually turn red like his parents. He seemed big to me when I first saw his head in the hole but when I have seen him next to the parent he is noticeably smaller. He is cute. I will try and get better pictures and up load then for you to see.
I will too use the Video and tripod to get better video. I only had a minute and got these with what ever telescope options these little camera's have.

Isn't he cute?

One of the parents but the baby is inside waiting for "Chow", mmmmmmm!

Wood Pecker Chow!

Hungry Little Guy!

Mucho Mas Por Favor!

OK I am off to find more .

Adios "Chicquita Pecker"

Back out for the view!

And one more to see.


Kathy said...

Hey Steve,
That's AWESOME!!!
Don't you wish you could know what they're thinking...Kathy,Ed & Zena