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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Car Show

I have a friend that has a 1977 Corvette that he has is displaying at a local car show.
I arrived early to talk with him and to see some of the cars that arrived early.
When I left there was quite a line of cars waiting to get in to the show. There were both cars entered in the show and cars of people that were there to attend the show. I am glad I got the heck out of there when I did.
I am including pictures of some of the cars. No need to write any explanation because you'll either remember them or you can just look and appreciate.

 This one is for sale let me know I have the information if you are interested.

I betcha it would be fun to go cruzin right about now!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Wedding Pictures For You To See

Hi There. So Rosy and I attended Natalie's Bestest Friends wedding because we wanted to and to keep Natalie up to speed with the event. It was a wonderful wedding and I suppose it is exactly what any young woman would want. I don't know that for sure but it was a gala event. Natalie wasn't able to attend so I was taking and instant messaging the pictures to her from the church and from the hotel.

I forgot to bring a camera so took some video's and pictures with my cell phone. Of course I had it set to the lowest resolution, 640 X 480 so the picture quality is not so very sharp and add to that I was just sticking my arm out and trying to push the shutter to get the picture with one hand  much of the time.

Enough explaining, you will get the idea. These are all of the pictures I took except for one which I realized after I completed the little video that I had not up loaded it to my computer. Perhaps someday I might put it on my blog for you all to see, then again perhaps not. Don't miss out on a good nights sleep worrying about it.

Here it is for friends who might want to see it. Hope you enjoy.

And Natalie, I put it here because you still have not sent your e-mail address to me. You can copy it frm here if you want to You could send me your e-mail address and I could send the pictures to you if you want them.

Friday, May 11, 2012


OK, I went for a little road trip to Powers Oregon. It is a little town between Coos Bay and Roseburg.
At one time it was a logging town with about 1700 residents. Today there are about 700. I met and talked to about 10.
Everywhere I drove people were watching me. I guess for today anyway I was the center of attention.
I had a diet Pepsi at one of the two little restaurants that I found open. People in there were friendly.
I wish I had taken pictures of the people I think it would make this more "Better" in so far as an exciting Blog is concerned. After all isn't that one of the reasons you have come here????
I did take some pictures. I visited the high school and stayed there for about 20 minutes. There are about 157 students. 35 in the senior class.

View from the High School Looking at the town.
Nice huh!

 Another view from the High School
 Yet another picture from the High School.
 Not a great picture of the Foot Ball field. I was too lazy to walk up there so just took the picture you see here.
 About 1 mile from the town is this little park. It had no name, perhaps it is the park with no name then again perhaps not. Maybe I didn't see the name because someone stole the name sigh? Isn 't this a nice view?
 Such a pretty day and a pretty little park. Can you imaging I was the only one there.
 The water was running pretty fast and was very clear. I didn't check the temperature of the water because quite frankly I didn't care.
 I think if I ever go back I am going to go out on that rock and just sit there for some period of time. It's got to be calming.
 The vandals returned the handle. This is the hotel I am staying in. Rustic and very few leaks in the roof. Thank goodness it was only sunshine and not liquid sunshine.
 That's my room up there on the second floor next to the chimney.
 No stop signs or street lights. This is the road to the hot spot.
The hot spot was on the seat of the tractor. You know.....Metal seat, Sun Shine. You get it!

Hope you enjoyed looking at these few pictures. What a nice place and those people I spoke with were very friendly.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I haven't been good about updating my blog! I give my Daughter a bad time about updating theirs but this is a case of do as I say etc etc etc!

Things are going along OK I suppose, I seem to tire easy but what the heck isn't that why God invented sleeping?

I have some pictures to share and I will be better about keeping anyone interested well informed about what is happening at the "White House". I don't do the Facebook thing I like the Blog.

Have a really good day, week and month.

Here are a few pictures from our recent trip to Palm Springs.

 Rosy & Linda Keeping the towel from blowing away
 Keeping in communication with everyone
 Early morning "what are we gonna do today" meeting is about to start.
 87 degrees and Jennifer was cold, sweat shirt? Must have been her fascination with Mickey.
 Mathew solving the next layer of challenge!

Autumn Doing what Autumn does, Standing around by the pool.

Ta Ta for now!