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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Wedding Pictures For You To See

Hi There. So Rosy and I attended Natalie's Bestest Friends wedding because we wanted to and to keep Natalie up to speed with the event. It was a wonderful wedding and I suppose it is exactly what any young woman would want. I don't know that for sure but it was a gala event. Natalie wasn't able to attend so I was taking and instant messaging the pictures to her from the church and from the hotel.

I forgot to bring a camera so took some video's and pictures with my cell phone. Of course I had it set to the lowest resolution, 640 X 480 so the picture quality is not so very sharp and add to that I was just sticking my arm out and trying to push the shutter to get the picture with one hand  much of the time.

Enough explaining, you will get the idea. These are all of the pictures I took except for one which I realized after I completed the little video that I had not up loaded it to my computer. Perhaps someday I might put it on my blog for you all to see, then again perhaps not. Don't miss out on a good nights sleep worrying about it.

Here it is for friends who might want to see it. Hope you enjoy.


And Natalie, I put it here because you still have not sent your e-mail address to me. You can copy it frm here if you want to You could send me your e-mail address and I could send the pictures to you if you want them.


Photography in New York said...

Really superb information given. Video is also nice.

Romanonohr said...

Thank you so much Steve!!!!!!! Great video! Loved it!