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Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Pecker

I have a update today, May 11, 2010 Over the weekend I observed that the woodpecker is spending almost all of the time in the tree. She looks out from time to time with her little head just poking out of the hole. I am confident that there are little woodpecker eggs in there and she is keeping them warm until they hatch. Frankly I am anxious and excited and will try to get pictures of the babes when they finally appear.
As a side note I must tell you that I needed to shoot at two squirrels that were attempting to get into the hole. I didn't kill them only frightened them.
I know it is a natural thing that happens in the bigger picture that the squirrels might get and kill the babies but I have appointed myself as their protector (when I am around). I would hate to see anything happen to any of the little red headed wood peckers.

I noticed that last Sunday a little red headed woodpecker was working on a dead tree on the land behind our home. The tree is about 50 yards from our house and I used a telephoto camera lens to get these shots. He was busy pecking out a little hole as you can see.
El domingo pasado note la cabecita roja de un apjarito carpintero trabajando en el arbol muerto que esta detras de nuestra propiedad. El arbol esta como a 50 pies de nuestar casa y use un telefoto para tomar estas fotos. El estaba ocupado picando un hoyo chiquito como pueden ver.

It is not finished yet but today April 30, after six days of working he has reached the point where he can slip into the hole and almost completely disappear. He is so darn cute.
Aun no lo ha terminado hoy 30 de abril, despues de trabajar por seis dias casi puede desaparecer en el hoyito. Es muy chistoso.

I am amazed at his tenacity, he just keeps pecking away all day every day. The squirrels came and frightened him away once that I know of but he continues to show up and peck away. Even in the rain and hail we have had recently he continues to work on the hole. He gets inside the hole and they when re-appears outside he tosses the chips in his mouth aside. There are some on a slight ledge of bark directly below where his hole is.
If you look close you can see it.
Es muy tenaz, continua picoteando todo el dia. Las ardillas lo espanantan pero el regresa y continua trabajando. Aunque llueva o granice el sigue trabajando. El pone pedazos de madera con su pico.

How exciting this is, I am not sure but I have really liked watching the little fellow and so I am including these pictures for you to see as well.
me gusta ver a este chiquito y por eso pongo estas fotos para que ustedes vean tambien.

I hope you enjoy seeing them.
I have more pictures which I will add to this Blog, perhaps tomorrow!
Espero que les gusten.
Agregare mas fotos despues.

Stay tuned to the blog, I will watch for any activity which might present itself. Who knows, maybe, just maybe there will be little red headed woodpeckers poking their little pecker heads out of the hole in the tree.
Mantenganse conectados, estare al pendiente de cualquier actividad que se presente. Quien sabe, tal vez habra cabecitas rojas asomandose por el hoyo del arbol.

If they do I will take a picture and put it in the Blog for all of you to see.
Si eso pasa sacare fotos y las pondre en el blog.

Isn't this cute!
Es muy simpatico!