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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last night Rosy and I attended a nice little party that was to help raise money for breast cancer. The dress code was to include something pink. Only pink wine, pink champagne and pink beverages were served.The food was very good and we tried everything. The party was held at a Peruvian restaurant and the food was an assortment of items one would find in Peru. Very good!

There were door prizes, we won nothing. There was a special drawing for a very expensive assortment of excellent and rare wine, we didn't win. There was special individual table drawings for nice little gifts like glassware, movie tickets etc, we won nothing.Typically we win nothing anyway so it wasn't so disappointing at this affair.We were the best dressed and best looking so that is good enough for me.

But of course Rosy always makes me look good when we are arm in arm.

These days I tend to sit down a lot but this occasion only found me sitting to eat.Our friends are: Dan and Phil, and Mike is the owner of the wine shop across the street form the restaurant.
It was a worthy cause and should you have a chance to donate on behalf of any cancer you might want to consider doing it. It might just help someone somewhere.Later

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello All,

Rosy and I went to Black Butte Ranch for the weekend. We spent a relaxing weekend with some friends, walked, Bicycle, eat, drink wine, smoke cigars, eat, jacuzzi, eat, wine, cigars, talk, walk around the town of Sisters, eat, wine etc, etc.

So what I will do is put a couple of pictures here for you to see. Nothing to exciting but what the heck maybe you'll recognize someone or someplace.

While I was there I received a text message from Jordan. I sent an answer but I'm not sure if he received it.

Also while I was in the town of Sisters, I looked for a can-opener for Teri and Shawn. I didn't find one I liked. Sorry Teri, continue to buy food in plastic containers until I find a can-opener suitable for you. (in my opinion)

As you can see some of the pictures are actual and some contrived. The deer picture is just before we ate him. Well we didn't really but we could have if we wanted too. We had a nice time. If you are wondering where this place is you' have to google it to get the exact placement on the map. It is near Bend Oregon somewhere toward the middle of the state. It was about 3 hours from home.

We were with Kevin and Sherrie, and Monte and Tattiana.