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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello All,

Rosy and I went to Black Butte Ranch for the weekend. We spent a relaxing weekend with some friends, walked, Bicycle, eat, drink wine, smoke cigars, eat, jacuzzi, eat, wine, cigars, talk, walk around the town of Sisters, eat, wine etc, etc.

So what I will do is put a couple of pictures here for you to see. Nothing to exciting but what the heck maybe you'll recognize someone or someplace.

While I was there I received a text message from Jordan. I sent an answer but I'm not sure if he received it.

Also while I was in the town of Sisters, I looked for a can-opener for Teri and Shawn. I didn't find one I liked. Sorry Teri, continue to buy food in plastic containers until I find a can-opener suitable for you. (in my opinion)

As you can see some of the pictures are actual and some contrived. The deer picture is just before we ate him. Well we didn't really but we could have if we wanted too. We had a nice time. If you are wondering where this place is you' have to google it to get the exact placement on the map. It is near Bend Oregon somewhere toward the middle of the state. It was about 3 hours from home.

We were with Kevin and Sherrie, and Monte and Tattiana.


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

I think we remember this little town coming home after taking Jasper to the vet. It seems like their is also a companion town called Brothers, that wasn't nearly as developed ... now I can't remember if I've just imagined it ... we even joked that we could stay here at the next vet visit to Oregon! Love the pictures - may even have to add this one to Cole's bedroom where we've hung pictures with you and Rosy and other folks he doesn't get to see that often. I think I was just amazed to see you away from work!