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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I guess that I may have the only blog about a family Thanksgiving Dinner.

I just want to be sure that everyone in the world is as thankful for the good things in their lives as we are. Stop for a moment and suck in all the good from your family and friends. Hold it for a while and never forget.

Natalie Cooks Pears!

Although Steve forgot the carving knife he was able to use an ordinary knife to do a good job on the big bird.

We had a twelve people here this year. Not a big group but a nice sized dinner gathering. Our thanksgiving dinner was missing a few important people this year. Teri, Shawn, Cole, Jennifer, Brenden, Jordan, Autumn, Mathew, Pauls' Mom and Dad, Jeremy and Karen, Hermoine, Carl, Ron, Janet, Gina and were not here and we missed them. It was a good group however and we had about the same amount of food so without the extra people there was more to share.

We were able to keep Rosy awake and even if you think she is falling asleep here she isn't. She has just completed her third serving and is contemplating her next move. "Should I go for fourth, or should I stop now?"

This is a photo out of sequence. I put it here without checking but it's OK with me.

I only had a very small piece of turkey and a few mashed potatoes with gravy. I never really got too much to eat because I was at the end of the table where the food wasn't. Everyone else was so busy feeding their faces I was completely forgotten, ignored and practically cast aside for the turkey, ham, potatoes, vegtables and all the othe good stuff. Later after dinner I was able to find a small and somewhat insignificant piece of Pumpkin pie. It was probably a piece that fell off someones plate and was mostly crust but I topped it with whipped cream and ate it.

So I did get a little pie, just a very little, small couple of bites, wee thing it was.

Later while everyone watched movies and slept, probably because of all the food they had eaten. I was able to wash all the dishes, pots and pans and clean up the entire kitchen, dining room and living room. It was during the cleaning that I forged for left over food that wasn't eaten by everyone else. You probably notice that my picture isn't here. That is because I am to busy cleaning and too weak from lack of food to force my way in. It's fine with me about this no picture situation too as I can make a Blog entry anytime I want and maybe just maybe I'll do one with pictures just of me.

Later in the evening we hung out and talked and just enjoyed the end of a nice day. The weather was good, the meal was good, the people gathered here were especially good.

I hope each of you had a good day as well. We miss all of you and our thoughts are of you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A couple More

I didn't have any pictures of me at the Halloween affair and someone
was kind enough to e-mail these. I am especially happy that my
long lost Twin was found and I've included a picture with him for you
admire and to swoon over.

With the camera, How do you like my custom Costume?

This would be be me and Minnie Mouse,
Surprisingly Minnie looks like Rosy?

My Twin wore a costume just like Rosy. Interesting!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some Halloween Pictures

Sure, like no one had a Halloween party where normal adults take a evening to pretend to be something or someone the aren't but probably want to be?

Of the 343 pictures I have, these are the ones I feel I can display here.
Here are a few pictures from our party.

Sara and Hilary stopped in, isn't that nice!

Minnie, Sue "The Conservative Pirate" and A nice little old lady
(Without her clever in this picture) got along just swell!

Looks kind of sad doesn't he.

You probably can't see him but the invisible man is in this picture.

Music could have been provided by ZZ and the band

Rosy and Sue before the "Wine Incident"

Shane wasn't Joking around!! No Sir, Nope No fooling around!

Everyone loves a naked cowboy

Amanda wore her dancing shoes.

Well I actually never realized that Frankenstein was so tall?
Happy to have another drink served to the "Bar Fly"

Police were here to keep everyone in line.

Sue the Conservative Pirate says "only one more jello shot"

It was great that the Banana People finally arrived to add some fruit to the party.
Well that is some of the photo's and I think everyone had a great time. I may post some others but I am not sure yet. Check in and you'll see. I think you can click on the photos and they will give you a larger picture.