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Monday, May 24, 2010

Maybe Baby

Well it seems that there is some additional activity in the tree. I spend way too much time with binoculars and Telephoto lens and now my Meade telescope trying to see deep inside the hole in the tree.
I have read that the red headed Woodpecker makes a nest hole inside about 6 inches in diameter and eleven inches tall. I have figured that the base of the nest is below the hole because I can see (sometimes) the back of the mama bird as she rests inside. I just cannot seem to see little peckers but I think they are only a couple of days old at the most.
There is more activity with the Mama and Daddy coming and going and I have observed some "maintenance" like throwing things out of the hole.
I am incredibly anxious to see these young birds. As I noted in my last post I have had to shoot a couple of times at squirrels who appeared to threaten the Mom and eggs. They seem to have lost interest or perhaps got my message. I don't count on the latter they probably just said the heck with it since the hole is small.
I hope to have some baby pictures soon. Stand by!