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Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13, 2008....first ever blog

Today I discovered a blog site owned and operated by my daughter and her husband, Teri & Shawn.

There on the blog was a picture of their new baby.

He has struggled through the first weeks of life but is doing it with style.

Since I put him on a special White-Family-Workout he is doing even better.

You can view the before pictures on Trei & Shawn's site but here for your enjoyment is the latest picture we have.

Keep working Cole (Little Steve as I often call him)



Jeni said...

Dad you are too funny. I added you to m links so now I can go to your site anytime. Talke to you soon

One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

If I had been drinking milk when I saw this - I'm SURE it would have come out my nose - I laughed so hard!

We didn't pass along the URL - because we weren't done - we started the site one our last trip to the hospital when we had time between various treatments. And now that we're home we can hardly keep up - kids are hard ... !!!

This is sooo funny. We'll check back for more and definitely post updates to our site so at least you have the latest pics & details.
Love Teri