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Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4, 2008

Rosy and I went to the Portland waterfront for fourth of July fireworks display. We had something to eat then went to the boat for the fireworks. It was fun.

Weston, Phil's son ( who has a slight "shinner" from a left cross I got him pretty good he's small but I'm fast) learned to use my camera so most of the pictures are those he took.

You probably saw fireworks where you live and now you can see some we enjoyed here in good old Portland Oregon Also you see our waitress who was very nice. There are more people but I didn't include them here as they don't visit my blog..


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Do you mind if we copy and use the same photos for our July 4th pictures? Shawn and I were too tired from four weekends of activities. We hung around the house and watched the local parks fireworks over the tops of the trees. I think unless you're some kind of astronomer you can't tell it's not really SLC, unless I leave the shots of the marina in ...

And hopefully you knew or now know the folks in the shot behind you, Rosy and Weston - because they're clearing moving into the shot!

Looks like a lovely time. We'll have to try and remember to take photos on the 24th (for the big pioneer day events).