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Monday, May 4, 2009

Beautiful Morning

Yesterday (Sunday I came downstairs and as I was going into the kitchen I looked out of the Dining room Window and saw what a beautiful day it was. There was so much green. The pond was beautiful the trees behind the house were beautiful and the trees and bushes in the side yard of our home were beautiful.
Looking out of the dining room window

Another out of the Dining Room Window
I don't know when the "Green" happened? It just seemed to appear over night.
Yet another out of the dining room window

I thought you might like to see.

Still another out of the dining room window
Here is the pond

This is from the deck looking at the back yard, so to speak.

And another from the deck

And one more looking up the stream
Sometimes Oregon isn't such a bad place. I don't like the rain and cold
but when it's pretty it can really be pretty.

Yesterday was a pretty day.
I hope you have a pretty day where ever you are.


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Holy smokes - I can't believe these are pics from your yard. Very nice & yes very green.

How do you get any work done? I think I'd just want to hang out outside.