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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day Sail

Here are some pictures of Rosy and my Sailing day on the Columbia River. I am not as fond of river sailing as ocean sailing. Lots of "Back and Forth:, "Back and Forth", "Back and Forth".

Fortunately the scenery was pleasant several other boats and people were on the river doing whatever they do.

Here we are tied at the Hotel where we stayed. It was about 5 miles from the dock where we launched the boat.
Rosy is getting ready for the trip back
First we'll do a little recreational sailing up the river. Going up stream will take longer and requires much more work that "sailing" down stream. Think about it!

Ok She's ready to cast off. She already cast off here robe thingy. Rosy likes the sun.
Rosy likes to drive. In case you are wondering she also provides direction when she is not at the tiller. Always trying to keep me going in the right direction.

She does take a break from time to time and likes to get Sun and feel the wind in her hair.
Calm water but is is moving at a rapid rate. It meant a lot of tacking.
Still under control. Me, well I'm just sitting around taking pictures.

More of the shoreline and getting ready to make the turn.
I need to give Rosy a break from time to time. I know I don't look as good but actually I am a better driver.
We went under the bridge as we headed back.
Still driving!

Well I think this is about enough for tonight.
Sometime when you come to visit it would e nice to get you into the boat as well and do a day sail, have a little lunch and relax. Call when you can be here we are anxious to have you here.


Kay said...

Gracious! Rosy looks like a swimsuit model! Sailing seems to agree with the both of you. You really had a beautiful day.