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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trip South

Last week I made a trip to Warm Springs Oregon. It was warm but that isn't the point. The Warm Springs Indian Tribe have many people there. I met one young lady named Arlissa. She gave me directions for a more scenic ride home.
Thanks to Arlissa I saw a beautiful part of her home and the area around Warm Springs.

I didn't stop soon enough and actually drove by other beautiful areas, but this is where I first decided to stop and take pictures.

This looks like a structure which may have been built by someone. It is a very impressive stone monolith of sorts.

This cave has an interesting phenomenon attached. I was told that if you look closely to the area above the cave there is what appears to be an Eagle Head shape in the rocks. If you use your imagination and look carefully you will see it.

Here is a second picture for you to examine to see of you can see it.

This is an interesting rock formation.

Looks like a castle.

I was wondering if the Hole In The Rock Gang ever came here?

Road out of the canyon. It was a pretty view all of the way to the top of the canyon.

I thought I saw a "Jack-a-Lope" over there?
I don't know what this. I will need to do some research and get back to you with some explanations. Better yet when I go back later next week I will find out about the area and let you know.

Gas and a cool drink before the ride home.

This was my last look around. I was wondering if they board up the windows on the church to keep people in or keep people out. Hmmmmm!