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Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Days Relaxing In The Hospital

Well I suppose I should let those of you who are aware of my condition know what is going on. Oh don't get excited I'm actually doing fine. I just had a little "hic-cup" and spent some days in the hospital. It seems that after a a couple of weeks not feeling particularly well one evening Rosy made me go to urgent care.

When we arrived at the hospital we found that they only had urgent care on the weekends. Rosy then marched me over to the Emergency doors and they directed me to a small and somewhat chilly room where I was asked to lay down on a gurney/bed. They did all of the vital stuff, pulse, blood pressure, temperature etc, asked my name and birthday, assumed I must be me and called the Doc!

The doctor came and examined me and referred me to another doctor who came and examined me for the second time/opinion. Each requiring an exact copy of the symptoms. Basically it ended up that we explained to each person with whom we came in contact. I think we were pretty clear, and I assumed as did Rosy that as they wrote down everything we told them and each of them and would pass on the information so others would know why I was there. Each medical person was nice, polite and seemed efficient but must have kept the information to themselves. Or then again perhaps it was a test of my story? Never-the-less I told my story so many times I am not about to repeat it here. Since I am writing this you then must assume I am doing fine, just fine!

I ended up staying several days. I had tubes in my arm and was given copious amounts of antibiotics to kill the infection in my body. We didn't actually kill it completely but got things to the point that I could come home and am finishing up with 12 days of oral medication twice a day.

Now for the sympathy request: While I am taking this medication I CANNOT HAVE DAIRY PRODUCTS, like ICE CREAM, or MILK SHAKES. This is 4 hours before the medication and 2 hours after I have taken it. If you do the math, each of the two times a day eliminate a total of 12 hours without Dairy.
This leaves me 12 hours of the day which I can have those items, I work at least 8 hours and sleep for 5 hours and am in route either to or from work 1 hour. Doing personal items such as brushing teeth, dressing doing my laundry, going to the bathroom, picking up my things and spending a little time with Rosy takes another 3 hours or so. Well, you see I am at a negative available time situation. Poor Me! (How about an Awwww, or Ohhhh!)

Anyway that being said, I am now doing much better but not completely back to whatever my normal is. I have a slight cough and some of my quirks are missing but as far as I can tell am functioning Okay!
Here is a little video I did near the end of my hospital stay. I was doing much better and was able to work the phone video. Since I did it on phone, I must apologise for the quality of the production and the "Star" is obviously not wearing makeup. The lighting is a bit off but you'll get the idea.