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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Do I have any free time. Not much.

It has been my style most of my life to work and keep many things on my plate. I've not been around my family much. Kinda dumb as I look back.

We did many things, but, I could have made much more time available for my kids.........

I miss seeing my kids. It is especially nice to talk to them, and we do that often. Phone conversations mostly. They are both very very old. Their ages add up to more than 70 years.

Take a little advise from me. Spend as much time with your kids as you can. It's hard sometimes but once they are on their own, well...They are on their own.

My grandchildren are pretty special and I know their parents (My kids) have learned from the experiences with me, what the right thing to do will be. (Right Teri & Jennifer)

Sometimes I think of Sue and those early years, we had a good family most of the time. I have some good memories.

I am a blessed man in many ways.

Ok That's it!



One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Just ask Shawn ... how much I've learned from you and Mom ... as crazy or annoying or embarrassing I might have thought the two of you were ... I now find I'm emulating many of those same behaviors and tendencies!! Whew - I look forward to passing down those traits to Cole and the rest of the bunch.

Jeni said...

Thanks Dad I enjoy knowing that Teri and I are older than you. But I still look back and enjoy our times together at the restaurant or just learning to juggle on Christmas day and still wish we had brought Teri with us. Its good we still have those things to pass down to our own children now.