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Sunday, March 2, 2008

1968 All over again

Christmas is always my favorite time of year. I love Santa Clause.

The Ned Man, The Ned-ster, Big Ned, Ned-olo, que paso El Ned-o. You look magnifico!
Is this a man at work or a man at play? I don't know but I bet I can figure it out!

Joan, this is the house in Sherman Oaks and as you can see we were "with it" as far as Christmas Trees go. What the perfect use for aluminum. Way Cool. I remember it well, actually I wished I had that tree today.
Jennifer you were just a twinkle in my eye at this point in time. Teri was our special daughter who became My Favorite Oldest Daughter and you became My Favorite Youngest Daughter around 1972. But of course you know that!
I remember the dress. Whoa! How special. I will be looking thru the slides and as time permits will copy and print some that might suprise and amaze you. Especially YOU!
Cindy some to come and you too Joan.
Spring is just around the corner. Easter too will be on us in a few weeks. Go to church! Eat an egg. Drive fast and take a lot of chances. I'll be thinking of you.


Jeni said...

Its funny to see mom looking just the same, I think thats how I will always remember her. I also think that there are not too many pictures of me in this roll you found. That was a really cool tree though.

One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

I love seeing items we still have in these pictures - that's amazing - for example my quiet book. It's good because I'm not sure I'll get around to making one for Cole! But I think I did see those Christmas ornaments in one of the boxes in storage. And I can't believe those pictures of Ned - so young. I also seem to recall having a light with a rotating colored disk that would cast four different colors on the tree. I can't remember if it was this tree or another - but it was cool. I seem to recall even having a miniature version for my room - but I can't even imagine where that ended up ... I might suspect Jeni, but I've learned she didn't retain that 'pack rat' gene.

Jana said...

I love all your great pictures. I miss Aunt Susan. And crazy seeing my Dad so young. The funny thing is, his hair still looks the same. :)

Jeanne said...

Hi Steve...I have tried this several times but really am bad at the computer....Jeanne