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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Day In The Life

Sometimes when we move along through time something happens that makes a difference. Did you ever notice that?
Today I received a call from my cousin Jeannie. Now for those of you who don't know, Jeannie and I spent some quality time together back in the 60's. Since then we haven't had much contact or time together. Actually, maybe twice, but I'm not so sure. Things just happen and we both spent time doing whatever we did?
Jeannie decided on a Lark to call me and we had a pretty terrific time on the phone for several minutes. It may not have been long enough but we but promised each other that we would do better about staying in touch. Right Jeannie?
It is good to talk with and get together with all family. The Internet makes it easy.
I hope to find those people in my family who have slipped away and strike up some kind of conversations or communications. I am sure there are many lives I am connected with that exist and I feel that the connections would be beneficial to us all.


Jeanne said...


I keep trying to do this and failing. I had help the other night and it went (please note comments on blog before this), but when I tried again tonight it didn't work. Operator error.

So here I go again. It was good to talk to you the other night and then to Jennifer. Bless her heart she called me and gave me the info. Now I just need to be smarter than the computer...fat chance there. As I said, I did it once, but it was more than 10 minutes ago so when I tried again tonight I had to reregister....figures.

Sure hope this works this time. This is a test....it is only a test and if by some slim chance I manage to get 2 through, I just might be able to do it again....here we go, Jeanne