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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Illness

Well, I think one of the things someone with cancer can do is to enjoy the humor of the whole situation. Although there are times when, let just say a cancer person may not be feeling as good as he or she would like, and that can be frequent, we cancer people can laugh at things related to our own particular illness.

From time to time I go to the hospital or to the doctor or even to a clinic for tests and for testing and for probing and for samples of various fluids or skin or some other body part. Fascinating as it may seem to be there is some intrusion and some aggravation associated with the visits to the Doctor.

These pictures show some of the humor (in my opinion) of one kind of testing.

I decided to have some fun.

I was going to be observed during my nights sleep and my sleeping was being monitored as I slept with the attachments of several probes and wires and whatever those things are called.
Once I got past the horrible pain and intense electrical shocks I think I actually felt pretty good. I was only kidding about the electrical shocks and also the pain. Actually the only pain would have been the removal of the tape. That part really made me cringe. There is something about removing tape the gives me the willies.

So what I did was to photograph a picture of my eyes. I cut the picture of each eye to match the rim of a pair of glasses. I attached the picture on the inside of the glasses so that it looked like my eyes were open. These glasses I wore during the night when I was supposed to be sleeping. The camera's in the room, on the ceiling, would be aimed on me during the night so that the technician could monitor what was going on with me during the night while I was suppose to be asleep.

I thought it was pretty funny! I thought it might brighten the technicians evening, after all he needs to stay awake all night watching two or three people sleep! I thought we might all get a good laugh.

Hey, They will be talking about this for some time I think!

Why do we have to take sickness so seriously. I got what I got and it isn't going to get me down.

I just need to be sure not to loose my sense of humor and you shouldn't loose yours either.

OK That's it.


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Oh very nice ... you and Shawn need to swap pictures and stories. He had to do a sleep study years ago for his sleep apnea and it looked like he was wired from nearly every point on his body. Although I don't remember the cool specs! Perhaps this could turn into a lucrative side-side business for you.

And I want to know is there something about the zebra that supposed to induce sleeping (or is it a false picture where the eyes are cut out and the technician looks through...

Colleen said...

Only you could make this a photo op! I'm thankful I wasn't the technician watching you all night. I think you have a unique sense of humor and I admire that in a person. You're the best!