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Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well Here we are in Sandals Grande, Ocho Rios, Jamaica "Mon".

These are some of the pictures I took early on.
It is very nice here and the people we have met
and I sure will continue to meet will be terrific.
Arrival at the Airport then loading onto the bus and on the bus for the two hour ride to the airport.
Views from the moving bus window

This was a short rest stop for the bus tour people who drank many Red Stripe Beers on the bus during the first hour of the trip to the hotel.

Arrival at the Airport then the "Greeter" although small had big impact on the group and directed us to our respective rooms with style and a very efficient manner

First Stop is the Bar.

Back of the Hotel early morning view.

Some nice people ignoring Rosy?

Another view of the "back" of the hotel.

Stairway to the restaurant with a waterfall, it was nice.

Rest after a hard day tanning in the sun.
Adios for now, more and hopefully better pictures to come later.