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Thursday, December 25, 2008

So it is Christmas Morning!

Here are a couple of pictures of Christmas morning. We will have more to follow and perhaps a

video for you to watch.
This is a picture of our tree,........ Duh!
Picture from above, like you couldn't figure it out.?
Sam and Kenny playing with one of the many excellent gifts.
And of course they deserve a kiss for figuring out how to escape from the dreaded finger torture holder thing-a-ma-jig!
This will be the last living room tree picture, I figure you have it down now and pretty much know what the tree looks like. Should you have additional questions let me know and I will send more pictures to you.
This is how I spent my Christmas, out on the deck with shovel clearing the deck of snow. Everyone else was inside with food, drink and enjoying each other's company while I was outside working by myself until the deck was clear. It's ok with me though I got to wear my new Christmas socks!