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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today 12-21-08

I am stranded in Hillsboro Oregon and staying at the Holiday Inn Express. I had a nice breakfast of bacon, cereal and two cups of coffee (1/2 & 12, and sugar added)
I took these pictures with my Phone Camera from the window of the room and have posted them here for your viewing enjoyment. Feel free to click on any of the pictures to get the Big Picture!

I couldn't get home because of the storm that kept the roads covered with snow and ice.

I had some difficulty walking to the hotel and finally opted to walk in the road in the tire tracks to make the trek to the hotel easier.

I am gathering up my "stuff" and will head to the restaurant where the car is buried and survey the situation to see if I can get out of here. It doesn't look like it will happen now but it is early and perhaps the Sun will come out and melt the snow. "right"!
These last two images are actually two separate pictures but the look remarkably similar? Hmmmmmmm!
This might not be as exciting a blog as dancing elves but it has some of the elements to be a "made for TV movie", don't you think?


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Quite the snowstorm. We were hit pretty hard at our house which reminded me of a conversation we had with Rosy about a bad snowstorm which (nearly) stranded the two of you at home.

That doesn't really look like much fun - I know it's not been fun here. Although everyone always wishes for a white christmas, which is always fun until it comes and sticks and is wet and cole. I think you can get the same thing by turning on Bing Crosby.