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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jennifer's Kids

Jennifer took some time to sent pictures of her three children to me , Jordan, Autumn and Matt. I was happy to see them and so I thought I would post them here on my blog and take credit for the three of them.

This is Jordan "Kicking Jordan" They call him
Kicking Jordan because he is "Kickin"!
Here is Autumn with her other
dance partners. Since I taught Autumn how
to dance she has really been doing great.
Here is Matt smug, confident,
cool, collected, and about to kick
some big guy's knee. He is good at
looking good.
Here is one more of Autumn wearing the outfit I made for her.
She is the best dancer in the world.

Now, there you have it. These are some mighty fine pictures
and they make me proud.
Winners each one.

1st Place Oldest Grand Child...Jordan

1st Place Oldest Grand Daughter...Autumn

1st Place Third Grand Child... Matt

Wow Three 1st place winners. Congratulations to My Grandchildren.

And by the way. Cole has also fought his way thru to win

a 1st place too. 1st Place Best Little guy award....Cole

What a coincidence, All four are my favorite grand children.


Colleen said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful....and they could be your bodyguard in a pinch! Especially Cole, who could stop anyone with that beautiful smile of his. What a sweetheart.