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Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Neighbor Isn't going to like July 4, 2009

This morning July 4, 2009, I was sitting at the little table near the waterfall and pond having a cup of coffee and working on my computer doing some menu changes and answering e-mails and deleting some of the hundreds of spam messages which show up from day to day.

I had been outside for about 45 minutes when I heard some trucks and men yelling at one another from the front of my house. I assumed it was my neighbor to the right having some workers here to work in their back yard, They are doing some deck work and perhaps a pond of their own. I thought it might be a cement truck because I could hear the rumbling from the engine of the truck.
It was 7:20 AM as I checked on my computer because I thought how inconsiderate to begin working so early and possibly wake people from their sleep.
I heard the activity for about 10 minutes and really expected to see the workmen appear to the back side of my neighbors home but since there is foliage and a fence I thought I wouldn't see them but when I was aware they were in the back yard I could tell to them to be a little quite at least for the next hour or so.

Rosy came out onto the deck and hollered to me that the home across the street was on fire.
I went in and got my camera and took some pictures.

Fortunately Steve (Neighbor {yes yet another Steve}) and his family were not in the house.

It is 10:20 AM and they (the firemen) are still working there.
The News people have been and interviewed neighbors, We avoided this activity as I can only imagine how much of a "dork" I would appear being interviewed by the TV people. I have always thought it would be better to get my 15 minutes of fame some other way.

Here are some of the pictures. God Bless Steve and his family and I am thankful they were not in the house.


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Yikes - scary. But thank goodness no one was hurt in the fire.

Romanonohr said...

CRAZY! Love the pics Steve!! That is absolutely crazy.

Kay said...

Since my son was a fire fighter in New Mexico until just last month, this is all extra interesting to me.