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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Zoo La La

Saturday Night July 18, 2009 we participated in another Zoo La La event.
It is the main fund raiser for the Portland Zoo and we have been helping out
for about 5 or 6 years.
We set up our booth (Booth #1) and give samples of one of the items from the restaurant menu. We served a Chinese Chicken Salad, the most popular item on our menu and has been the most popular item at the event.
This year in addition to Rosy and me there was Sara, 5th year for Sara, Shannon 2nd year for Shannon and Jackie. It is Jackie's first year so she did most of the work since she didn't know any better. That's just how it is.
We served about 650 salads and everyone had a good time.

Rosy and the three ladies are decorating the booth.

We added sparkly things and Flowers,

The Zoo provides the Booth and Sign, Ice, Water Plates and Forks or Spoons. We provide Labor and food.

Rosy always liked standing on chairs.

Everyone worked hard including the security guards and other Zoo folks who seemed to hang around our booth. Most of them were guys. Hmmmmmm!

Are they ever going to finish.

Almost finished

Shannon and Rosy are Proud of what they have done with the booth.

Rosy Sara and me

Sometimes Rosy decided not to allow some people to have a salad. We don't why she just did?

Hey I was just kidding.

When ever possible we tried to serve from in front of the booth.

Some of the Zoo people came for our salad. They told us that more people liked our salad than anything else from the other restaurants.

Near the end of the evening the band who were located directly behind us provided enough sound and music that Sara and Rosy spent about an hour dancing. First at the booth then on the dance floor. Don't worry though Jackie stayed and did the work.

Another one of the Zoo employees that liked to hang out at the booth is here posing with the Girls. His name wi Douglas. Douglas was great he brought ice, plates trash bags, chairs, glasses for the wine we brought. He did whatever we needed. Hooray for Douglas!

Just the Girls

Rosy and Sara


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Shawn and I've participated (well more like partaken) at the SLC's sister event ... Rendevous at the Zoo (for my next job, I'm going spend my time coming up with these names, these and paint chip color names).

Usually lots of yummy food and drink and tons of people. On occassion we've ended up with a thing or two out of the silent auction (two things if both of us don't know the other is bidding on one thing). Hopefully all of these people who love the food will beeline it to the restaurant for the rest of the menu!

Sounds like fun - wish we could have been there.

Colleen said...

Ahem, none of my comments post! What the heck????

Kay said...

This looks like such a lot of fun. And I love Chinese chicken salad.