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Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Christmas at the White House

Remember you can "click" on any
of the Photos to make them larger.

Christmas turned out to be a nice day for everyone. We got up early for no particular reason and took a little time to relax before Rosy cooked dinner. I know I know you are wondering if I errored in the statement that says "Rosy cooked dinner". Well she did and with only a little help from the rest of us. I cooked potatoes, Honey Baked Cooked the Ham, CostCo did the Apple Pie, I did the Pana Cotta, Elisa did the salad, Natalie and Samantha set the table, Elisa cut and plated the cheese and crackers and did the cereal mix for munching and Natalie did the Costa Rican Tamales, but other than that it was all Rosy. She opened the chips as well and poured them into a large bowl too. Everything turned out terrific.

Rosy and Elisa did a lot of shopping and have done a lost since Christmas. It's what they do, They are experts and do it whenever they get the chance.

The pictures are just a few from the day of Christmas except the first two which were taken when Rosy and Elisa returned from shopping.

Shopping Mavens!

Look how relaxed they appear.

Her is proof that Rosy was working the kitchen. Impressive!

Lots of Presents under that tree.

Another view of the presents under the tree.

Rosy Gets a present.

We had to crawl under the tree to get to all of the gifts

We "Skyped" our families in Mexico and Utah so we could share in the moment.
Kenny seemed to eat everything he received
We are not sure why but he is shown here eating

Elisa received 236 gifts.
Including this Potato which might have been her favorite gift.
It looks like a potato? Maybe it's a Luffa?

Elisa will share her Potato with Natalie if she is required to.

Another of Elisa's gifts

Sam with help from Kalie distributed the gifts.

Lots of wrapping and lots of gifts.
Rosy keeping warm by the fire. Hey! Wait a minute
there is no fire.

Natalie's new Teddy Bear

More of Samantha and the good job of Gift Giving

Sharing with Mexico via Skype

Steve likes Frog Things. This year Natalie gave him a pair of LIVE frogs.
More about these two guys later.

There it is the little Micro Climate Holder for the two frogs.

Natalie looks cool in her new shades, Don't you think.