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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksiving Pictures 2009

I know there are a lot of pictures but perhaps you'll see someone you know or someone you'd like to know.
We had a very nice Thanksgiving and what a great group. If your picture isn't here don't fret, I'll do some add on pictures as time permits.
Rosy G. Did an awesome job with the Turkey once again. It seems that it has become her "regular Job" and we all appreciate the hard work and the great "eating" Turkey she comes to the White House Annual Thanksgiving Family and Extended Family Dining Experience.
This year Joyce H. made a super Dressing. She brought a lot but it was worth every two or three pounds I ate. I think it will go into the books as a first place although we had no ribbons, she'd have won a Blue for sure.

Rosy dressed in her "Thanksgiving" Costume. It was cute and Paul was cheered up when he saw it.

Jerry on the other hand was so very busy setting things up that he may have actually missed the costume.

This video is a little out focus. The video camera was on the landing and just left to pick up what ever happened with no real care about the quality? We begin every Thanksgivins going around the table telling what it is that we are thankful for. Rosy had a touching statement and I thought it might be nice to include it here. Paul made the transition to Joyce easy> It might be a little difficult to hear but you can do it, just "pay attention"

The pictures are in no particular order.
I just put them in here and you look at them.
If you become confused, re-arrange them in your own mind. It is a good way to rid yourself of stress.

Teressa and her hair?

Teri and Shawn

We were really happy that Teri and Shawn were here this year.

Teri, Shawn and Duane

Teressa relaxing in front of the fire. Teressa wants to be a pyromaniac when she grows up.


Natalie mugging for the camera.
Cole spends a lot of time on Rosy's lap. Yes I did hold him once, he is long and lean just like I trained him to be.

Kenny and Maureen wait while Greg makes those special noises he is so famous for.
Kenny is learning to play the Flute?
Joyce actually put this puzzle together in only 45 minutes.

Jerry is such a great guy, thanks be to Jerry.
This is the Turkey just moments before we all attacked it and ate some of the delicious "turkey" meat

More Rosy and Cole

We stopped at the restaurant where Cole displayed his "bending over backwards" routine.

He wasn't too happy when Rosy made him sit up.
This is all I am posting tonight. More to come.
I wish everyone of you reading this and those who don't
read it I wish you too a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, 2010.
If you see someone you haven't seen in a while, tell them you love them. (even if you don't)
Spread the love and good wishes. We are only here for a short time so let's make the time we're here count for something good.