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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Me on January 10, 1944

Another Me on October 10, 1944
I was a fast grower and a fast learner, I am off to my new job.

I've always worked to support myself.

I moved out from my parents home sometime oh let's say around the middle to late part of sometime early in 1945 or 1946, I don't remember.

My job involved some traveling so it was a small problem keeping diapers and formula but somehow I managed.

I was a pretty good sales kid and won a trip to Disneyland. All expenses paid which was good since I don't and didn't carry a wallet and at that young age I wasn't using a purse yet.

I think you'll admit I was quite the stunning figure at that young age. What 'm trying to find out is what happened? When did all this change occur. I don't look anything like I used too??

That's It!!!

Oh By the way, Happy Halloween, Here are three of the restaurant customers after last friday's Halloween Party.


part of white house said...

Hi Cousin, Happy New Year. Great talking to you and Rosie. Hope you had a good trip. xoxoxoxox S